Why Choose Us?

Well firstly, you’re on holidays and want to have fun. And so do we!

But there are many reasons to choose Rancho Chilamate.

  • have healthy, strong, happy horses that are loved up and well cared for
  • have solid, quality tack that is regularly maintained
  • provide cowboy boots, sock and hats
  • transport you to and from San Juan del Sur in a secure, 4×4 Toyota HiLux pick up truck
  • take photos of your ride and post them to our facebook page for your use
  • are passionate about Nicaragua – we are your guides on the tour and speak both English and Spanish
  • are dedicated to the betterment and well being of our community
  • live in the local community and with the revenue from the rides, we are able to support many initiatives to help the locals with income and education
  • abide by our philosophy to tread ‘softly’ and impact this area as little as possible. Touring on horseback is a natural, low impact way to travel.
  • beach riding is our specialty
  • want our riders to have the most unforgettable time in Nicaragua!!!!!!

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