Nicaragua’s Rancho Chilamate proudly offers ‘horseback rides of a lifetime’ and 4 guest rooms to choose from. Accommodation rates includes breakfast and our famous family style dinner with wine and beer. Giddy up!

Staying in Touch

A Helping Hand (and a Rasp) for our Cowboy Toño

Sometimes you just want to help make someone's dream come true right? Toño wants to grow up to become a proper Farrier and I would love your help to make that happen. We're raising some money to send him to course in Columbia. Check it out! WE CREATED A GO FUND ME...

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Now Accepting Donations for our 7th Annual Christmas Bucket Delivery

Our goal is to fill 180 five gallon buckets full of household items of necessity for our local community this Christmas. This frees up some of their money to enjoy the season in a way they feel appropriate. It makes a difference. Thank you for supporting our efforts. Incredible to think this is our 7th year of giving in our backyard. Thank you ~ Blue

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What’s folks are saying about the Ranch

“Once in a lifetime”
Every member of RC was hard working, gracious and genuine. Rancho Chilamate is not only committed to guests, but also to the local community. I thank….(more)


North Carolina

Absolute perfect balance of rustic meets Luxury”
One of a kind… the scenery, the architecture, the artistic flair, the food and the people … there aren’t many places that touch the soul and warm the heart as much as this one ..(more)


Vanessa & Ross

United Kingdom

“You must come here!”
…for a marvellous experience in a very special place…our favourite place in Central well…enjoy the intimacy of a feast among new friends…you will not regret it! (more)


Skye & Chris

Vancouver, Canada

Running with a horse, and feeling the full power of his speed carry me across the sand, was one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done. I’ve been horseback riding all over the world…but I’ve never left the saddle smiling as wide as I did at Rancho Chilamate..(more)

Alex in Wanderland

International Blogger

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