This reservation form is the best way to inquire about a ride with us. You can call, but we may be out riding (505-8708-5440).
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Horseback Tours are on a First-to-Book/First-to-Ride basis.
After we confirm availability we require a $30/rider deposit.

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Your experience with us depends greatly on the horse you ride. We choose your horse based on the information you share. From every rider we kindly request: age, height, weight (we currently have a weight limit of 175 pounds) and level of experience:

Never: First time in the saddle
Beginner: Ridden only on trail rides/vacations
Intermediate: Ridden recreationally for an extensive amount of time. Has control of horse by him/herself, has trotted and cantered in arenas
Advanced: Has owned a horse for 5+ years. Is very comfortable in rough, open terrain and is comfortable to canter in open space without guidance