Q Do you have rooms at the ranch?
A We have 4 rooms in the main hacienda for overnight stays. Room rates include breakfast and dinner with wine and beer. Check it out! ROOM RATES

Q Do I need a reservation for horseback riding?
A Yes, you can make one by clicking HERE or call us at the ranch 8.849-3470 (From the US/Canada dial 011-505-
Q How many people do you take on your ride?
A We take a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 riders. Smaller groups ensure a more intimate experience.
Q Do you only do one ride a day?
A We only ride to the beach once a day as we schedule our rides to coincide arrival to the beach near low tide. This ensures a nice big beach to ride on… and makes for better photos :)
For those with less time we offer a ‘Vista’ ride which travels through our local village and up to Big Sky Ranch for views. $45/rider for 1.5 hours with beer break.
Q What is the age limit for riders?
A We require a minimum 18 years of age. Our rides, although suitable for first-time adult riders, can prove difficult for younger persons.
Q Is there a weight restriction?
A Yes. Due to the smaller size of the local Criollo horses we currently have a 195 pound weight limit for our horses. This for the safety of both horse and rider.
Q Do you provide transportation to the ranch?
A Yes we do. We pick up in San Juan del Sur and bring you back after the ride.
Q How do I pay the deposit to confirm my ride?
A The deposit is paid to our Paypal account and can be found on our website here:

Q What happens if I have to cancel the ride? Do I get the deposit back?
A The following is our deposit/cancellation policy:

  • Your total deposit will be credited towards your payment on the day of the ride. We currently accept cash only on the day of your ride:)
  • If you cancel your tour with 10 days notice we will refund $25/rider.
  • If you cancel your Rancho Chilamate tour with LESS THAN 10 days notice your deposit will be considered non-refundable and a portion will go to our Community Development Fund.
  • If WE need to cancel your tour with us – we will of course refund your deposit in full.

Q I understand photos are taken of us on the ride. Is there a charge?
A Yes, we take photos on the ride but we only post a select few to our Facebook page where you can comment, share, tag etc. If you want high resolution images for printing they are available for purchase. We only edit the photos we take after they are ordered as we do not have sufficient time in our life at the ranch to edit each ride. Info can be found here on our site:
Q Can I bring a camera or video camera?
A Yes of course, but it may be exposed to the elements so it’s best to bring protection for your gear.
Q Do you provide helmets?
A We can provide helmets on request but riders to go out with cowboy hats without helmets and you are required to complete a waiver prior to riding.

Q Do you take out rides in the rainy season? 
A Yes, we operate year round. CHECK OUT OUR CURRENT PROMO FOR RAINY SEASON. For the most part, you will just get wet, but it’s warm! With several river crossings to get to the beach and trails that may be compromised with heavy rains – we reserve the right to cancel rides – and your deposit would of course be refunded in full.
Q What forms of payment do you accept?
A Currently we accept cash. US dollars or Nicaraguan Cordobas (C$28.6/$1)
We do require a deposit which is payable to our Paypal account, but the balance due on the day of the ride is payable in cash.
Q What do I need to bring?
A Long pants and closed-toe shoes.

Q What does Rancho Chilamate provide for the ride?
A Transportation to and from the Ranch. Boots and hats. Refreshments for the ride. There’s sunscreen and bug spray at the ranch too.
PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT provide helmets.
Q Are your saddles English or Western?
A We use Western-style saddles.

Q When is the best time to do the beach ride?
A Low tide when the sand is harder, and it makes for more spectacular photos. We post our schedule monthly which coincides with low tide.

Q Can I ride with you even though I have never been horseback riding?
A Absolutely. We have taken many first-time riders and the majority of our riders are beginners. Our horses are well-trained and we can take it slow.
Q Can I trot and canter?
A We hope so! The beach is perfect for it. We are not a “NOSE-TO-TAIL” riding operation. We take care to match you with the right horse and encourage you to ride to your experience level.
Q How many wranglers (guides) go out on the ride?
A Minimum one, but normally two accompany the ride.
Q How do we get the photos that are taken on the ride?
A We post a small selection of them on our facebook page and high resolution images are available for a fee for the entire album of photos as 8x10’s.
Q Will we see monkeys on the ride?
A Very likely. Numerous troops of Howler Monkeys travel the canopy that line the river we ride.
Q How many horses do you have?
A We currently have 18 horses on the ranch.
Q What does Chilamate mean?
A Chilamate is the name of a large banyon-type tree at the ranch. It is part of the fig family and its grandeur inspired our name.