Help us Fill Buckets for our Community this Christmas

2017 Goal - 200 Buckets to be Filled

Buckets and a Smile

Every Bucket Counts

Delivery Included ~ at no extra charge

Buckets of Essentials

For the Young and Old

Thank you for Helping. Proudly, every dollar donated goes directly into the hands of the Nicaraguans.
Help us make Christmas a happier time for these wonderful people.



With your help we are planning to fill 200 buckets this year for the homes in Escamequita, Las Parcelas, La Libertad, Las Brisas (1 and 2) and Ojo de Agua. In addition to rice & beans ~ we plan to fill the buckets with household essentials such as: blankets, towels, cooking oil, sugar, flour, salt, toothpaste, detergent, soap, candles, matches, soup mixes, baby formula, kitchenware etc. This past October the community was hit pretty hard by tropical storm Nate, so items will be extra appreciated this year .And of course the 5 gallon bucket is a useful gift here as well. If financially possible, we also plan to purchase machetes and mosquito nets for each home. Thank you for helping us make this happen.



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Nicaraguan Households
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We purchase all items locally (in nearby San Juan del Sur and Rivas – and avoid the Costcos and Walmarts) so that the money impacts the community on several levels. Our commitment would again be to volunteer our time and truck to purchase and distribute the ‘buckets’ to the families here over the holidays. Scheduled delivery is December 23rd.


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