This is a reward for your efforts.

A complimentary 1 and a 1/2 hour massage (because 1 hour is just not enough) for booking your room with us direct.

In a time when the on line booking agents, such a booking dot com and expedia, dominate the web and our personal devices when we are doing our searches, we would like to thank you for finding us here at Rancho Chilamate.

If you book a room between February 15th and March 30th, we will gift you a massage. And if you book for two nights ~ we’ll gift you two massages.


Meet Maylin


Maylin grew up here, just across the river, in Escamequita where she took a lead role in raising her younger sisters.

In an effort to get ahead, Maylin took it upon herself to learn massage. She had on the job training with a Spa in San Juan del Sur and continues regular research on line.

It is clearly a passion of hers and we are pleased to be able to help her grow her knowledge and offer her services here at Rancho Chilamate.


We acknowledge that Maylin is not a certified massage therapist but we are confident that after your time on the table ~ you will have a real appreciation for her style and technique. It’s an hour and a half of bliss. And not to worry, you can still book your 1 and a 1/2 hour massage for only $40.

(Small Print: massages based on availability, no cash value, not to be combined with other offers, room nights must be used before March 30, 2017)