He found a Smile. This beautiful old man had lost his eye to an axe accident years ago. Single and poor.. he asked Cesar if there was any way he could get a towel ... and we were happy to report that there was one in his bucket:)

Well… anything you can give makes a difference… especially here in Nicaragua.

This post is to thank all of you that so generously donated to our efforts to make a difference in our little corner of Nicaragua.. namely Escamequita, Las Brisas, Ojo de Agua, La Libertad and Las Parcelas. Over 100 families benefited from your generosity. The buckets included kitchen basics such as cooking oil, salt, sugar, coffee, soup mix, dish soap and household items such as candles, matches, laundry soap, blankets, towels, tupper ware, rice sacks and of course the bucket itself.
The best part of the gift without a doubt was the machetes. A tool used by virtually every household for harvesting rice, beans and fruit, cutting trails, cutting firewood for cooking, building and butchering. .. so needless to say a brand new quality one was a treat! We saw some that had been sharpened down to next to nothing.
It took me 4 trips to get them all delivered and I thank you for the experience it provided. I think next year I’ll start earlier and do even more!

It’s been so busy for us on the ranch that I’m going to let some of the photos that were taken during the distribution to speak for themselves. Thank you so very much for making a difference.

Here’s also a little something I wrote when I was first purchasing the supplies:)